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Taking the diabetes test at home is simple.

What the kit includes:

A silver package that contains the oral buccal swab in a tube to take the mouth sample.

An instruction card providing details on how to register your kit, your unique ID sticker, performing the swab, and shipping your kit.

A biohazard bag to place your completed swab in.

A pre-paid white envelope to send us your swab.


1. Register your kit - required

To get started, locate your unique ID code on the front of the instruction card. Visit www.Mylabtest123.com to register. Enter your email address you used at the time of purchase, your unique ID code and follow the online prompts to complete registration.

2. Prepare swab

Locate the silver pouch, tear open and remove the oral swab from the packaging. Attach the sticker provided on the front of this card to the side of the swab. NOTE: Please wait 30 minutes after eating before swabbing.

3. collect sample

To collect the DNA sample, take the lid off of the tube, insert the soft tip into your mouth and firmly swab the inside left cheek 20 times while rotating the swab. Complete the same process for the inside of the right cheek. Once completed, insert the swab back into the tube and secure firmly. Place the swab with your ID sticker into the clear bag labeled biohazard.

4. mail sample

Place the bagged swab into the white pre-paid return bag, seal and drop off at any USPS mailbox.


You will receive an email that your swab has been received at our lab and a 2nd email within 4 weeks that your DNA report is ready. You will click on the website link in the email and log into the secure portal www.Mylabtest123.com to receive your lab results / report. Need to understand your results? Talk with one of our genetic specialists by visiting www.SNPSpecialists.com.

*This report does not diagnose or treat any health conditions or provide medical advice. This report should not be used to make any medical decisions or conclusions without consulting with a licensed healthcare provider.
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Diabetes Predict DNA Testing Kit

DIABETES PREDICT helps you predict your potential for acquiring Type 2 Diabetes via genetic DNA analysis with a quick and simple cheek swab.